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Hello, my name is Becky. My animal id is #88078. I am a desexed female gray tabby cat at the . The shelter thinks I am about 3 years 1 weeks old.

I came into the shelter as a stray on 2/7/2020.


Someone has already placed a deposit on me. I'm no longer available.

Becky is a shy 3-year-old girl that came to ACC as a stray, during her stay with us, she has displayed distant behavior by staying in the back fo the kennel. we have seen that with time, she is able to feel more confident and comes to the front of the kennel and takes treats from staff member's hands, but remains fearful overall. We believe that Becky would thrive in a more stable environment, where can stretch her paws and be free. Becky was diagnosed by our vet team with FIV and they also found that she is overweight.

My medical notes are...

Weight: 8.02 lbs


DVM Intake Estimated age: 3 years Microchip noted on Intake? No History: Stray Subjective: BARH, no coughing/sneezing/vomiting/diarrhea Observed behavior: Crouched posture, hissing and growling for handling. Evidence of cruelty seen: No Evidence of trauma seen: No Objective: P: WNL R: WNL BCS: 6/9 OP: Mucous membranes pink and moist. CRT <2. Stage I dental disease. EENT: Eyes, ears, and nares clear bilaterally, no discharge noted. No ear tip found PLN: Small/soft/symmetrical/nonpainful CV: No murmurs or arrhythmias, pulses strong and synchronous. RESP: Eupneic, no crackles/wheezes GI: Soft, nonpainful, no palpable masses. UG: female spayed, tattoo noted, no discharge INT: Good hair coat, no areas of alopecia or pruritus, no ectoparasites or masses noted. MS: Ambulatory x4, no pain on palpation of epaxials NEURO: Mentation appropriate, cranial nerves intact, no deficits noted. Snap test: FIV positive Assessment: -Stage I dental disease -Overweight Prognosis: Good Plan: -Recommend weight loss with placement Surgery: Spayed


Start gabapentin 20 mg/kg PO BID indefinitely for shelter anxiety

Details on my behavior are...

Behavior Condition: 3. Yellow

Upon intake, Buck tolerated all handling and was curious about his surroundings. He allowed collaring. He growled after he was put back in the carrier after his picture was taken. He did not attempt to swat.

Basic Information:: Buck was brought into the shelter as a stray. He was found in the road outside the shelter. He is a DSH cat.

KNOWN HISTORY:: Becky was brought in as a stray, there is no known information on her behavior history in a home environment

ENRICHMENT NOTES:: 02/12/20 Lying in front of kennel, ears forward and body neutral. She avoids eye contact when spoken to, then sniffs the tuna offered. She tolerates petting along her head and body while stress meowing, then slowly walking towards the back of her kennel and through her portal with a low body and tail. Not interested in further interaction at this time. I see her eating her tuna later on as I make my way across the room. Shy girl, needs some time to adjust. 02/13/20 Lying towards the front of her kennel, relaxed when approached. Will slow blink when sweet talked, calm when opening her kennel. She will tolerant petting on her head and body, but remains still. She will lean in for cheek rubs though and enjoys some chicken and honey suckle scented felt.


VOCAL:: Quiet

CHARACTER TYPE: : Shy ,Curious,Timid


Potential challenges comments:: Please see behavior flyer for more information.


BEHAVIOR SUMMARY:: Becky is a timid tabby girl who is still adjusting to our care center and who may need some time to warm up to her new home. She was lying in the front of her kennel as the assessor approached, ears forward and face neutral. Becky made eye contact when spoken to, then sat upright and curled her feet around her body as the kennel door opened. Becky tolerated petting along her head and body while tilting her ears and licking her lips, then turning away from the assessor and retreating through her portal with a low body and tail. Pick up was not attempted at this time to reduce stress. Becky tolerates attention and petting but appears fearful or stressed in the shelter. We recommend that this cat go to a home with experienced cat parents.