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Hello, my name is Trinity. My animal id is #30229. I am a desexed female brown dog at the Brooklyn Animal Care Center. The shelter thinks I am about 2 years 1 weeks old.

I came into the shelter as a owner surrender on 04-Jun-2018, with the surrender reason stated as person circumstance- moving.

Trinity is at risk due to behavior concerns, Adult Only determination. She should go to a single pet home as she continues to show concerning behaviors around other dogs. She also continues to struggle in adjusting in the care center and is showing high levels of frustration in the kennel. Medically she appears to be a healthy dog.

You may know me from such films as...

My medical notes are...

Weight: 51 lbs


Microchip: positive ( 981020019268298 ) Sex: FS Age: 2YRS Mentation: WNL Eyes: WNL Ears: WNL Nose: WNL Teeth: WNL If abnormal BCS: 6/9 Skin: WNL Hair Coat: WNL Declawed: NO Any injuries: NO Behavior: FRIENDLY,ALLOWED HANDLING


[DVM Intake] DVM Intake Exam Estimated age: 2 years History : owner surrender Subjective: Observed Behavior - friendly Evidence of Cruelty seen - no Evidence of Trauma seen - no Objective BCS 5/9 EENT: Eyes clear, ears clean, no nasal or ocular discharge noted Oral Exam: mild dental calc; fractured tip of right upper canine PLN: No enlargements noted H/L: NSR, NMA, CRT < 2, Lungs clear, eupneic ABD: Non painful, no masses palpated U/G: Female spayed MSI: Ambulatory x 4, skin free of parasites, no masses noted, mild inerdigitial erythema at left front paw CNS: Mentation appropriate - no signs of neurologic abnormalities Assessment fractured canine tooth Prognosis: good Plan: start trazadone 100 mg PO BID due to concerns about kennel behavior


DVM Intake Exam Estimated age: ~2 years Microchip noted on Intake? positive 981020019268298 History : o/s Subjective: BARH Observed Behavior - very sweet but is leash reactive. SIACC reports does well once outside so took her out to the play yard and she was loose, friendly, and wagging her tail. Easily handleable. Did well for all medical handling and procedures Evidence of Cruelty seen - no Evidence of Trauma seen - no Objective P = wnl R = eupneic BCS 4/9 EENT: Eyes clear, ears clean, no nasal discharge noted Oral Exam: clean adult dentition, no oral lesions noted PLN: No enlargements noted H/L: NSR, NMA, CRT < 2, Lungs clear, eupneic ABD: Non painful, no masses palpated U/G: FS (spay tattoo noted on ventrum), no MGTs, no vulvar d/c MSI: Ambulatory x 4, skin free of parasites, no masses noted, healthy hair coat CNS: mentation appropriate - no signs of neurologic abnormalities Assessment: Fractured tip of upper right canine-noted at SIACC Plan: Continue to monitor while at BACC Prognosis: Excellent SURGERY: spayed

Details on my behavior are...

Behavior Condition: 2. Blue

Behavior upon intake: Trinity had a very loose and wiggly body. She was excited with the staff and her owner.

Basic Information:: Trinity is a 2 year old female. Owner could no longer take care for her so he returned her to us.

How is this dog around strangers?: Trinity is friendly and outgoing.

How is this dog around children?: Trinity is fearful with kids

How is this dog around other dogs?: Owner stated Trinity is fearful of big dog but does well with small dogs. When with smaller dogs Trinity is very gentle.

How is this dog around cats?: Owner did not have any cats therefor information unknown

Date of intake:: 6/4/2018

Spay/Neuter status:: Yes

Means of surrender (length of time in previous home):: Owner surrender

Behavior toward strangers:: Friendly, outgoing

Behavior toward children:: Fearful

Behavior toward dogs:: Fearful with big dogs, gentle with smalls

Date of assessment:: 6/16/2018

Look:: 1. Dog holds gaze with soft eyes, soft body. Allows head to be held loosely in Assessor's cupped hands. Dog holds gaze for three full seconds.

Sensitivity:: 1. Dog stands still and accepts the touch, eyes are averted, and tail is in neutral position with a relaxed body posture. Dog's mouth is likely closed for at least a portion of the assessment item.

Tag:: 1. Dog follows at the end of the leash, body soft.

Paw squeeze 1:: 1. Dog gently pulls back his/her paw.

Paw squeeze 2:: 1. Dog gently pulls back his/her paw.

Toy:: 1. No interest.

Summary:: Trinity came into the assessment room panting, loose and wiggly. She was friendly and social towards the handlers. She would barely nip at the leash but paid it no mind once it was out of her sight. She didn't show any reactivity towards the leash.

Summary (1):: According to Trinity's previous owner, Trinity is nervous around big dogs but is respectful with smaller dogs. 6/16: When off leash at the Care Centers, Trinity displays a stiff, forward lean posture. She focuses on the greeter, before lunging at him through the gate. When the male dog is removed from her proximity, she continues to track him; whining and pawing at the gate. Due to this behavior an off leash interaction is not conducted.

Date of intake:: 6/4/2018

Summary:: Loose, wiggly

Date of initial:: 6/4/2018

Summary:: Friendly, allowed all handling

ENERGY LEVEL:: Trinity displays a high activity level in the care center.

IN SHELTER OBSERVATIONS:: 6/6: While Trinity has been observed to be friendly and allow handling in the care center, she has been difficult to remove from her kennel at times, immediately grabbing the leash and difficult to refocus. She has also been observed to snap towards the leash/handlers at times, though we cannot be certain if this reaction is directed towards handlers or whether it is directed towards the leash due to the intensity at which it occurs. 6/7: When attempting to leash Trinity, she grabs the leash and starts thrashes it around. She cannot be distracted from this behavior with toys or treats. She also appears to be aroused by the dog in the neighboring kennel, and both dogs are fixated on barking at one another through the corner where their kennels meet. The neighboring dog was moved, and an improvement has been seen in Trinity's behavior. Trinity may charge at the front of the kennel when the door is opened, but once out of the kennel she walks well on leash, her body is relaxed, and she appreciates being pet. 6/8: Trinity responded well to having a leash clipped to her collar instead of using a slip lead. Now, when her kennel is approached she is energetic and excited. There does not seem to be any kennel reactivity now that she is isolated and does not have any dogs surrounding her. During the interaction, she had loose, wiggly body and appeared calm and relaxed. She was jumping up for attention.


Behavior Asilomar: TM - Treatable-Manageable

Recommendations:: No children (under 13),Single-pet home,Recommend no dog parks

Recommendations comments:: No children (under 13): Trinity is reported to be fearful towards children; we have no further details regarding this behavior though out of an abundance of caution we are recommending an adult only home. Single-pet home/Recommend no dog parks: Due to the concerning behaviors that Trinity has shown during playgroup (see GROUPBEHAVIOR SUMMARY), we feel that Trinity should not visit dog parks and be the only resident dog. The Behavior Department recommends that she be socialized in a more controlled setting, under the supervision of a trainer or behaviorist, until her behavior towards other dogs can be further addressed. Reward-based, force-free training can be utilized to help Trinity associate dogs with things she enjoys like toys or treats.

Potential challenges: : Fearful,On-leash reactivity/barrier frustration

Potential challenges comments:: Fearful: Trinity is reported to be fearful in her previous home environment, particularly towards children and larger dogs. It is important to always go slow and give Trinity the option to walk away from any social interaction. Trinity should never be forced to approach anything that she is uncomfortable with or to submit to petting or handling. It should always be Trinity’s choice to approach a new person or thing. Trinity may do best in an initially calm and quiet home environment and should be given time to acclimate to her new surroundings. On leash reactivity: At the care center Trinity has been observed to react to other dogs while on leash, lunging towards them, barking and growling. Trinity may need positive reinforcement, reward based training to teach her to look at you rather than other dogs and novel stimuli that may startle her. We recommend a front clip harness or head halter to help manage this behavior.