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Hello, my name is Boba. My animal id is #132639. I am a desexed female brown dog at the . The shelter thinks I am about 11 years 2 months 2 weeks old.

I came into the shelter as a stray on 10/4/2022.


Someone has already placed a deposit on me. I'm no longer available.

Boba is on emergency placement for behavioral reasons. She was recently involved in an in-shelter bite incident (no broken skin) and has displayed increased anxiety and stress with prolonged stay. Medically, she is an overweight geriatric dog.

You may know me from such films as...

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This pet needs emergency placement. Please click here to go to our emergency placement page for more information. Due to the detailed behavior issues, this animal is only available for foster/adoption through one of ACC's New Hope Partners. If you are interested in adopting or fostering, please fill out the pre-screener form. This animal is not directly available for adoption through ACC and is only available by completing the pre-screener form. Adoption inquiries sent directly to ACC will not receive a response. Pre-Screener Form Boba is on emergency placement for behavioral reasons. She was recently involved in an in-shelter bite incident and has displayed increased anxiety and stress with prolonged stay. Medically, she is an overweight geriatric dog. Here's what my friends at ACC say: About me: Boba is a shelter long-stay who has been social with many staff members. Recently she has displayed some stress and deterioration, leading to increased reactivity toward other dogs and select staff. Potential challenges: Boba has been observed to become highly reactive toward other dogs and will lunge, bark, and growl. Recently, Boba was involved in a bite incident in the shelter where she had growled, lunged, and snapped toward a staff member multiple times, then bit them on the arm with no skin broken. A future caretaker should be prepared to carefully manage Boba's behavior. It is recommended she be muzzled during outdoor walks and be introduced to new people at a slow pace. My ideal home is: An experienced, adult-only-home with no children or other dogs. The previous foster writes: Meet BOBA! Sweet as bubble milk tea, this girl came into my life and has changed it for the better. This girl's favorite activities include but are not limited to: gazing at her person lovingly, and enjoying any affectionate contact, snoozing the day away with the cutest gentle snore. She is a low-key, gentle soul. Watching her observe the world while we walk is awfully cute. It's sad to think she may not have been able to truly be a dog before and enjoy being outside. She is working on her leash manners, can be a puller but learns very quickly and is super treat motivated. Boba just wants to make her person happy. Boba will thrive in an adult-only, pet-free home with ample space for her to hang out. She is not high energy seeing as she'd rather cuddle than most things, but she does enjoy a brisk walk. Boba is housebroken, non- destructive, and quiet indoors. Come meet sweet BOBA and see what the hype is about! She is waiting to be loved in her new FURever home!

My medical notes are...

Weight: 56.6 lbs


DVM Intake Exam History : Stray Estimated age: Approx 6-8 years Microchip noted on Intake? Negative Subjective: BARH, trembling and tense, resists oral exam, does not escalate during handling Evidence of Cruelty seen - none Evidence of Trauma seen - none Objective: P = wnl R = wnl BCS = 7/9 EENT: Eyes clear, no ocular discharge; ears clean; no nasal discharge noted Oral Exam: limited - mm pink and moist, CRT <2; mild tartar visible at canines - stage I-II ddz PLN: No enlargements noted H/L: NMA, SSP; Lungs clear, eupneic ABD: Non painful, no masses palpated U/G: Female spayed MSI: Ambulatory x 4, skin free of parasites, no masses noted, healthy hair coat CNS: Mentation appropriate - no signs of neurologic abnormalities Rectal: Externally normal Assessment: Dental disease Overweight Prognosis: Good Plan: Recommend weight loss and regular dental care with placement CTM while at BACC


Start trazodone 5mg/kg PO BID for FAS


DVM Intake Exam Estimated age: 10-11 years based on nuclear sclerosis Microchip noted on Intake? YES History: Stray Subjective: Observed Behavior - BAR, whale eyed with tail tucked. Very fearful, does not tolerate restraint and panics when muzzled Evidence of Cruelty seen - NO Evidence of Trauma seen - NO Objective T = N/A P = 130 bpm R = 36 bpm BCS = 7/9 EENT: Eyes clear, ears clean, no nasal or ocular discharge noted. Nuclear sclerosis OU Oral Exam: Unable to perform due to patient temperament PLN: No enlargements noted H/L: NSR, NMA, CRT < 2, Lungs clear, eupnic ABD: Non painful, no masses palpated U/G: Spayed female, no vaginal discharge noted MSI: Ambulatory x 4, skin free of parasites, no masses noted, healthy hair coat, overweight. Occasional skin tags noted. CNS: Mentation appropriate - no signs of neurologic abnormalities Rectal: Externally WNL Assessment Overweight geriatric female Prognosis: Good Plan: Intake tasks performed Awaiting behavioral assessment


QAR, lying on bed. Ate o/n. EEN: No ocular or nasal discharge. RESP: Eupneic A: No reports of stranguria today P: Monitor +/- UA, ultrasound, antibiotic trial pending progress.


Hx: Reported purple appearance of one of the nipples and small amount of blood on bedding today SO: BAR, wagging tail and allows all handling eyes clear, no ocular or nasal dc apparent eupneic, no coughing or sneezing appreciated small pedunculated mass, nipple like, but do not think is a nipple, stalk dried up ambulatory x4 mentation alert and appropriate A: r/o skin tag P: possible skin tag being kicked off by body skin otherwise appears wnl and no inflammation associated with lesion recheck if any concerns


Restarting trazodone for in shelter FAS Trazodone 100mg 1 and 3/4 tablet PO BID indefinitely


Increasing trazodone due to continued FAS Trazodone 225 mg PO BID indefinitely while in shelter 1088


Dispensed to adoptions: Trazodone 100 mg, 1 and 3/4 tab PO, 2 times every 1 day x 7 days 1721


TTFP on the phone: 4am pet ate well, had normal BM. 10am pet started having frequent, liquid, diarrhea. No blood, no worms. Pet acting bouncy and happy, and resting comfortably at home, not lethargic. No vomiting. FP changed diet 5 days ago, no issues until today. FP will start bland diet tonight, will update us tonight/tomorrow. If diarrhea persists, vet to advise. FP can go to either MACC or BACC. *Additional update: Pet's BCS was 7/9, and had occasional limping. FP has been feeding a weight loss food, and added a joint supplement. Pet has lost weight (clothes and harness had to be tightened), and she no longer limps!

Details on my behavior are...

Behavior Condition: 3. Yellow

Upon intake: Brownie was friendly around staff when approached in front of finder. Once brought into the admissions office she tucked her tail, whale eyed, and began lip licking. I was able to collar her, scan for a chip, and take her photo but went slow with her since she seemed nervous.

Date of Intake: 12/12/2021

Basic Information:: Brownie was found as a stray roaming around crossbay Blvd alone.

Date of intake:: 10/4/2022

Spay/Neuter status:: Yes

Means of surrender (length of time in previous home):: Stray

Behavior toward dogs:: Dog reactivity reported by previous foster

Bite history:: Yes. On 11/29/22, Boba became uncomfortable in the presence of a select staff member that entered the room. She approached and sniffed with raised hackles, and as the staff member turned to walk away she jumped up, growled and snapped multiple times, eventually making contact and biting their arm (no skin broken). It is reported that Boba had previously met this staff member with no incident.

Other Notes:: 12/12/21: First stay at care center, stray, no known history

Date of assessment:: 10/5/2022

Summary:: Leash Walking Strength and pulling: Moderate Reactivity to humans: None Reactivity to dogs: None Leash walking comments: Sociability Loose in room (15-20 seconds): Moderately social Call over: Approaches readily Sociability comments: Wanders room, soft, greets all when called over Soft handling: Seeks contact Exuberant handling: Seeks contact Comments: Soft, leaning in Arousal Jog: Follows (loose) Arousal comments: None Knock: Approaches (loose) Knock comments: None Toy: No response Toy comments: None

Summary:: 11/29/22: Boba has been observed to lunge, hard bark, and growl at other dogs. 2021: 10/5/21: Boba is tense with raised hackles when greeting the helper dog through the gate. 12/14/21: Boba whines as she greets a novel male dog at the gate.

Summary (3):: 11/29/22: It was reported that Boba bit a shelter staff member on the arm, but did not break skin (observe BITE HISTORY section). 11/26/22: Boba is here in the office with us. We have been on several walks together she walks really well on the leash. Is house-trained but also knows how to use wee-wee pads if needed. We've avoided other dogs mostly on our walks but we have passed a few and if you keep it moving 11/7/22 Boba is at the front of her kennel, neutral, she is easily leashed and walked out. Boba is walked to the yard, she is placed on a drag leash to wander the yard, she relieves herself right away. Boba then jumps up on the bench next to handler, she is loose and seeking attention. When another dog walks by the fence, Boba begins hard barking at them, she is able to be refocused easily. After some time, she is re-leashed and returned to kennel. Upon entering kennel room, Boba turns back around and begins seeking exit, pulling very hard out of the room; she is unable to be coaxed easily with food items. Boba is walked out of the room and given some time to settle, she is ran back into the kennel and walks back in on her own. 11/1/22: Boba is at the front of the kennel and is easily leashed. When coming out of the kennel, she pulls towards the dog next to her, growling. She is gotten out of the room and then is taken for a walk on the street where she pulls moderately. She approaches the handler when spoken to and allows petting. When going back to the kennel, she pulls towards the dog next to her, growling, and is returned to the kennel with a little difficulty. 10/25/22: Boba is at the front of the kennel with a loose body. She is easily leashed and removed from kennel where she begins to cage fight. Boba lunges and growls at the dogs beside her kennel. She is redirected and taken to the yard where she relieves herself. Boba is very social with handler and allows all petting. She attempts to cage fight again when she is brought back to her kennel. 10/24/22; Boba is at the front of the kennel loose and wiggly. She is easily leashed and taken to the yard where a drag leash is attached. She immediately relieves herself and explores the yard. When handler squeaks a toy, she spins around and play bows. She allows petting and leans into handler's legs. Another dog comes into the yard, she begins to growl, lunge, and hard bark in the dogs direction. Her hackles are highly raised, she is leashed and returned to kennel without issue. 10/14/22: Boba is at the front of the kennel with a loose body. She is easily leashed and taken to the yard. Boba relieves herself and explores the yard. She solicits attention from handler and leans in for more pets. She is brought back inside and placed in her kennel with no issue.

Summary (4):: 10/9/22: Boba is at the front of the kennel with a loose body. She is easily leashed and taken to the yard where she relieves herself. Boba allowed petting and remained social with the handler. She is placed in her kennel with no issues.

Summary (5):: 12/6/22 Boba is at the front of the kennel, jumping up and barking. She is easily leashed and walked outside to the yard. Boba relieves herself right away and then wanders the yard, she approaches handler to seek attention, loose. Boba then jumps up on the bench and remains there for the majority of the session, whining and panting. After some time, she is easily leashed and returned to kennel without issue. 12/5/22 Boba has been displaying increasing signs of stress and frustration while in kennel, hard barking and lunging towards then front whenever dogs walk past.

Date of initial:: 10/5/2022

Summary:: Whale eyed, tail tucked

ENERGY LEVEL:: Boba displays a medium energy level in the care center.

IN SHELTER OBSERVATIONS:: 2021: 12/15: (1) Boba was observed to hard bark, growl, and bare teeth at a handler that approached her kennel. (2) Boba becomes reactive in her kennel when dogs pass her. She hard barks and growls until the other dog is out of sight.


Recommendations:: No children (under 13),Place with a New Hope partner,Recommend no dog parks,Single-pet home

Recommendations comments:: No children: Due to potential for defensive aggression and bite history, Boba should be placed in an adult-only home. Single-pet home Recommend no dog parks Place with a New Hope partner Due to fearfulness, potential for defensive aggression, and bite incident in-shelter, the behavior department recommends Boba be placed with a New Hope placement partner who is able to provide an experienced, adult-only foster home. A period of decompression is recommended to allow her to acclimate comfortably to her new environment. Force-free, reward based training is advised when introducing Boba to new and unfamiliar situations. Consultation with a professional trainer/behaviorist is highly recommended for guidance to safely manage/modify any behavior she presents with outside of the care centers.

Potential challenges: : Bite history (human),Mouthiness/poor bite inhibition,On-leash reactivity/barrier frustration,Fearful/potential for defensive aggression

Potential challenges comments:: Mouthiness/poor bite inhibition: During a previous stay in the care center, it was noted that Boba would become lightly mouthy once comfortable and excited. See handout on Mouthiness. Fearful/potential for defensive aggression, bite history: Boba is initially fearful in the presence of new people and places, though has warmed up with slow approach. Most recently she was observed to become uncomfortable, lunge, snap toward, and bite a select staff member - this bite did not break skin. See handout on Fear and Defensive Aggression. See handout on Bite History. On-leash reactivity: Boba is reported to bark and growl at other dogs on leash. See handout on On-leash Reactivity.