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Hello, my name is Diamond. My animal id is #74019. I am a desexed female brown dog at the . The shelter thinks I am about 2 years 1 months 1 weeks old.

I came into the shelter as a owner surrender on 8/26/2019, with the surrender reason stated as person circumstance- moving.


Someone has already placed a deposit on me. I'm no longer available.

Diamond is at risk for medical and behavior concerns. She has been diagnosed with Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease Complex which is contagious to other dogs. She also should go to an adult only environment prepared to allow her a slow approach when meeting new people.

You may know me from such films as...

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A staff member writes: Diamond has been pleasant while in my care since I have known her for about a week now. I recently figured out that she is awesome at playing fetch, she also enjoys long walks. Every time I have come in to contact with Diamond she is smiling and loves to reach in to hug me when I approach her. Come meet Diamond for the most far out acquaintance.

My medical notes are...

Weight: 55 lbs


Unable to administer second dose trazadone within 24 hours.


[DVM Intake] DVM Intake Exam Estimated age: 2 years Microchip noted on Intake? Yes History : Owner surrender. Subjective: BAR Observed Behavior -Very timid. Tail tucked and vigilant. Warmed up a little but she was very fearful. No growling, lunging or biting. Evidence of Cruelty seen -No Evidence of Trauma seen -No Objective T = P =120 bpm R =eup BCS 5/9 EENT: Eyes clear, ears clean, no nasal or ocular discharge noted Oral Exam: Limited exam, muzzled, nsf PLN: No enlargements noted H/L: NSR, NMA, CRT < 2, Lungs clear, eupnic ABD: Non painful, no masses palpated U/G: F/I, no obvious spay scar or tattoo MSI: Ambulatory x 4, skin free of parasites, no masses noted, healthy hair coat CNS: Mentation appropriate - no signs of neurologic abnormalities Rectal: Clean externally Assessment: -Apparently healthy Prognosis: Good Plan: -No tx needed at this time SURGERY: Okay for surgery


SO BAR in kennel. EN -- sneezing, serous nasal discharge A CIRDC P enrofloxacin 204mg tablet -- give 1 1/3 tablet PO q24h x 14 days doxycycline 100mg tablet -- give 250mg tablet PO q24h x 14 days cerenia 60mg tablet -- give 1 tablet PO q24h x 4 days


Hx: has had CIRDC; on ab's for 7 d's doing well eating no nasal dc and no coughing p) continue rx


SO: in iso finishing treatment for CIRDC BAR in kennel, barking and coming to front of kennel eyes clear, no ocular or nasal d/c apparent no coughing or sneezing during rounds observation period A: CIRDC resolved P: move out of iso


Hx: presents for OHE; doing well Surgery Template - Dog Spay Was this dog in heat, pregnant or have a pyometra?no Ventral Midline Incision Ovaries Ligated with:0 PDS millers Uterine Body Ligated with:0 PDS millers Abdominal Closure: linea- 0 pds modified cruciate sq and subcuticular- 2-0 pds sc and modif. matt Green Linear Tattoo Placed parallel to Midline


Request for health certificate. On exam shows no signs of infectious disease health cert signed


Anesthesia Summary – Canine OHE Pre Medication: Hydromorphone 10 mg/mL injectable, 1.3 mL IM Dexmedetomidine 0.5 mg/mL injectable, 0.3 mL IM Induction: Propofol 10mg/mL injectable; 3 mL IV Size 8.5 fr. ET tube placed, maintained general anesthesia throughout procedure on variable isoflurane and variable O2. Used rebreathing system with 3 L bag. Intraoperative IV LRS at 250 mL/hr 20 g IVC placed in R cephalic vessel. Perioperative pain medication: Rimadyl 50mg/mL injectable, 2 mL, SQ, once post-op Additional Notes-- N/A Reversal- Antisedan 5 mg/ml-0.15 ml IM after sx @12:51 p.m Recovery: Uneventful Post-operative Medications Prescribed: Rimadyl 100 mg Tablets, Give 1 Tablet, Orally, once a day for 4 days beginning the day after surgery. --in white box-- Anesthetist: 0811 Surgical Monitor: 1390

Details on my behavior are...

Behavior Condition: 3. Yellow

upon intake Diamond was nervous with a tucked tail when counselor tried to approach to collar and scan for microchip she was low growling at counselors, client had to place in the kennel for us

Previously lived with:: 2 adults 2 children 9&4

How is this dog around strangers?: client stated that diamond is good with strangers but when she gets nervous she will growl

How is this dog around children?: client stated that Diamond is great with his 2 small children and enjoys playing with the

How is this dog around other dogs?: client stated that diamond is playful around other dogs once she warms up to them

How is this dog around cats?: client stated that she lived in the home with a cat and that she was scared of the cat and the cat would beat her up

Resource guarding:: no resource guarding

Bite history:: no bite history

Housetrained:: Yes

Energy level/descriptors:: med/high

Has this dog ever had any medical issues?: No

Medical Notes: client stated she had a cherry eye once before and it went away

For a New Family to Know: friendly playful girl that enjoys long walks and playing with toys she will enjoys lots of loving and will sleep in the bed with you

Date of intake:: 8/26/2019

Spay/Neuter status:: No

Means of surrender (length of time in previous home):: Owner Surrender

Previously lived with:: Adults and children (ages 4 and 9)

Behavior toward strangers:: Growls when nervous but good with strangers

Behavior toward children:: Playful

Behavior toward dogs:: Playful once she warms up

Behavior toward cats:: Was scared of the cat in the home

Resource guarding:: None reported

Bite history:: None reported

Housetrained:: Yes

Energy level/descriptors:: Diamond is described as friendly and playful with medium-high level of activity.

Date of assessment:: 8/28/2019

Summary:: Leash Walking Strength and pulling: Moderate Reactivity to humans: None Reactivity to dogs: None Leash walking comments: None Sociability Loose in room (15-20 seconds): Moderately social Call over: Approaches readily Sociability comments: Body soft, explores room, jumps up in social manner Handling Soft handling: Accepts contact Exuberant handling: Accepts contact Comments: Body soft Arousal Jog: Follows (loose) Arousal comments: None Knock: Approaches (loose) Knock Comments: None Toy: No response Toy comments: None

Summary:: 8/27: When introduced off leash o dogs, Diamond is polite and tolerant of approach. 8/29: Diamond keeps more to herself today.

Date of intake:: 8/26/2019

Summary:: Tucked tail, growling

ENERGY LEVEL:: Diamond is described as playful with a medium-high level of activity. We recommend long-lasting chews, food puzzles, and hide-and-seek games, in additional to physical exercise, to positively direct her energy and enthusiasm.

IN SHELTER OBSERVATIONS:: Initially, Diamond was fearful in the shelter environment. She allowed minimal touch when interacting with handlers and kept her distance or hid. However, after sufficient time to acclimate, Diamond has begun to become social with handlers, choosing to approach them, soliciting attention, and remain near them. Although still fearful at the care center, she has shown great improvements in her interactions with people.


Behavior Asilomar: TM - Treatable-Manageable

Recommendations:: No children (under 13)

Recommendations comments:: No children (under 13): Due to the behavior seen in the care center, as well as Diamond being reported to growl at strangers by her previous owner, we feel that she may be intimidated by children. She needs a slow approach and time to warm up. She should never be forced to interact with new people, and should be allowed to greet and initiate an interaction at her own pace.

Potential challenges: : Fearful/potential for defensive aggression

Potential challenges comments:: Fearful/potential for defensive aggression: At the care center, Diamond is social with handlers but is difficult to handle when returning to her kennel. She thrashes and snaps at handlers, requiring multiple handlers and a muzzle to return to her kennel. Diamond's previous owners also report that she growls at new people. She will need a slow approach and should never be forced to approach anything or any handling that she is uncomfortable with. A period of decompression is recommended to allow Diamond to acclimate comfortably to her new environment, and force-free, reward based training only is advised when introducing her to new and unfamiliar situations. Please see handout on Fearful/potential for defensive aggression.