Animal Profile


Hello, my name is Jessie. My animal id is #43629. I am a female brown tabby kitten at the . The shelter thinks I am about 5 weeks old.

I came into the shelter as a stray on 06-Oct-2018.


Someone has already placed a deposit on me. I'm no longer available.

Jessie is at risk for medical, she is an underage underweight kitten that would do best in a home setting. There are no behavior concerns at this time.

My medical notes are...

Weight: 1 lbs


[LVT Intake Exam] Microchip Scan: scan neg- placed MC 985113002110128 Evidence of Cruelty: no Observed Behavior: social, friendly kitten Sex: intact female Estimated Age: aprox 4-5 weeks Subjective: stray, part of litter of 4 Eyes: slight discharge, cleaned Ears: dirty, cleaned Oral Exam: mm-pink, all deciduous teeth present Heart: wnl Lungs: wnl Abdomen: wnl Musculoskeletal: wnl Mentation: bar Preliminary Assessment: part of litter of 4 kittens, bar, covered in diarrhea- cleaned off, underweight/underage for sx, hair loss on tip of tail- woods lamp neg, DVM 1516 looked at- does not suspect ringworm, nsf otherwise Plan: DVM intake


[DVM Intake] DVM Intake Exam Estimated age: 4 weeks Microchip noted on Intake? No Microchip Number (If Applicable): History: Litter of 4-2 males and 2 females, all have flea dirt and conjunctivitis Subjective: BAR, eating well Observed Behavior -Friendly Evidence of Cruelty seen -No Evidence of Trauma seen -No Objective T = P =220 bpm R =eup BCS 5/9 EENT: Moderate conjunctivitis and corneal discharge, OS initially shut closed but flushed it out and then was open, globe overall looks healthy, ears clean, no nasal or ocular discharge noted Oral Exam: Clean deciduous dentition PLN: No enlargements noted H/L: NSR, NMA, CRT < 2, Lungs clear, eupnic, no c/s ABD: Non painful, no masses palpated U/G: F/I MSI: Ambulatory x 4, flea dirt noted, no live fleas CNS: Mentation appropriate - no signs of neurologic abnormalities Rectal: Clean externally Assessment: Conjunctivitis Flea dirt Prognosis: Excellent Plan: Gentamycin ophthalmic BID x 14 days then recheck Received Frontline spray 10/7/18 No other tx needed at this time SURGERY: Temporary waiver due to age

Details on my behavior are...

Behavior Condition: 1. Green

ENRICHMENT NOTES:: 10/07/18 Kitten! Resting by the front and almost falls out when cage door opens. Remains soft and leans in when pet, purring softly. Doing well.