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Hello, my name is Don. My animal id is #68091. I am a desexed male brown dog at the . The shelter thinks I am about 2 years 2 weeks old.

I came into the shelter as a owner surrender on 7/5/2019, with the surrender reason stated as animal behavior - too fearful.


Someone has already placed a deposit on me. I'm no longer available.

Don is at risk for behavior concerns. Don has escalated to biting on multiple occasions (two incidents to humans, one incident to a cat; see "Bite history"), so this may be an established behavior that he offers when he feels threaten. Don is reported to growl, hard bark and lunge at strangers initially.There are no medical concerns at this time.

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a staff member writes : I LOVE DON . sure when you first me him his energy is explosive and it is contagious !!! Its like you cant help but to be hyper with him and jump all over the place with him .He will have you throwing tennis balls and foot balls all over the place and before you know it you're running around with him . Once you guys settle down he will gladly accept all rubbies and scratchies because he is a very good boy who deserves all the love this world has to offer .

My medical notes are...

Weight: 56 lbs


DVM Intake Estimated age: 2 years Microchip noted on Intake? No Microchip Number (If Applicable): History: Owner surrender. ACS noted a glove in stool this morning 7/6 Subjective: BARH, no coughing/sneezing/vomiting/diarrhea Observed behavior: Some whale eye, jumping up during exam. Otherwise loose body language. Evidence of cruelty seen: No Evidence of trauma seen: No Objective: P: WNL R: WNL BCS: 5/9 OP: Mucous membranes pink and moist. CRT <2. No dental disease. EENT: Eyes, ears, and nares clear bilaterally, no discharge noted. PLN: Small/soft/symmetrical/nonpainful CV: No murmurs or arrhythmias, pulses strong and synchronous. RESP: Eupneic, no crackles/wheezes GI: Soft, nonpainful, no palpable masses. UG: Male intact, two descended testicles, no discharge INT: Good hair coat, no areas of alopecia or pruritus, no ectoparasites or masses noted. MS: Ambulatory x4, no pain on palpation of epaxials NEURO: Mentation appropriate, cranial nerves intact, no deficits noted. Assessment: -Clinically healthy -Hx of foreign body ingestion Prognosis: Good Plan: -Neuter -Continue to monitor stool for foreign objects Surgery: Okay for surgery


Progress exam History : Intake 7/6/19-ACS noted glove in stool Subjective: BAR. Cage exam. No csvd. Good appetite. Objective EENT: Eyes clear, no nasal or ocular discharge noted H/L: Normal RR/RE, eupneic MSI: Ambulatory x 4, skin free of parasites, no masses noted, healthy hair coat CNS: Mentation appropriate - no signs of neurologic abnormalities Assessment: Apparently healthy Prognosis: Excellent Plan: CTM while at BACC


Pre-Op Exam History: Intake 7/6/19: Owner surrender, ingested glove. Otherwise healthy. Today, 7/16: Surgery scheduled for today. Subjective: BARH, no coughing/sneezing/diarrhea. Small amt of vomit with chewed pieces of plastic and fragments of a tennis ball. Objective: Eyes: Clear bilaterally, no discharge Nasal Cavity: No nasal discharge. Heart/Lungs: No murmurs/arrhythmias, pulses strong/synchronous, eupneic, no crackles/wheezes U/G: Male intact, two descended testicles Musculoskeletal: Ambulatory x 4 with no appreciable lameness. BCS = 5/9 Integument: Unremarkable haircoat. Neuro: Appropriate mentation. Two view abdominal radiographs: Linear mineral opacities visible within the colon. Moderate amt of gas in stomach and duodenum, likely secondary to fasting for surgery. No evidence of obstruction at this time. Assessment: -Foreign body ingestion Prognosis: Fair Plan: -Okay for surgery -Monitor closely for continued GI signs, foreign bodies in stool


[Surgery Template - Dog Neuter] Was this dog a cryptorchid? If so describe - Pre scrotal Incision Spermatic Cord Ligation with: Sub Q closure: Skin closure?


Necropsy Report Examining veterinarian: 1658 History: Intake 7/6/19: Owner surrender, noted glove in stool. No clinical signs, monitored for obstruction. 7/16: Routine neuter. Vomited chewed pieces of plastic and fragments of a tennis ball. Performed two view abdominal radiographs, noted foreign body within colon and moderate gas distention of stomach. 7/20: Unassisted death during transport to NH partner. Examination findings: External exam - Rigor: Complete rigor mortis EENT: Eyes clear, ears clean, no nasal or ocular discharge noted. U/G: Male castrated, neuter site intact MSI: Skin free of parasites, no masses noted, healthy hair coat Internal Exam: Skin reflection: Euhydrated, no evidence of hemorrhage or petechia Thoracic cavity: No abnormal fluid or masses noted. Abdominal cavity: No abnormal fluid or masses noted. Neck: Trachea and esophagus intact, all vascular structures WNL. Respiratory tract: Lungs clear, no bruising, fluid, or metastatic disease noted. Cardiovascular system: Heart and great vessels WNL, no evidence of vascular or thrombotic disease. Gastrointestinal tract: Stomach full of ingesta, mucosa of GI tract WNL. No foreign bodies within stomach, no evidence of GDV. Three 2cm pieces of wood within jejunum, no evidence of obstruction. Biliary tract: Gallbladder WNL, no blockage, stones, or masses Pancreas: No inflammation or other abnormalities noted Spleen: Normal size, conformation, and color Adrenals: Normal size, conformation, and color Urinary tract: Bladder small and soft, no urolithiasis Reproductive tract: Male castrated, surgery site WNL. Musculoskeletal system: No evidence of arthritis or other arthropathy, muscle WNL, no luxations or fractures Evidence of injury: None Samples collected: None Summary of Findings: No significant gross abnormalities. **ADDENDUM** A 3cm piece of red chewed plastic was noted inside the abdomen during collection of organ samples for outside testing.


Three view skull radiographs: Sinuses and tympanic bullae appear clear. No obvious fractures or luxations. No masses or foreign bodies noted within the trachea or esophagus. Two view cervical radiographs: No evidence of intervertebral disc narrowing or calcification. Spinal canal appears uniform in width. Visible nutrient foramen present on the left side of C2 on the DV view. No obvious fractures or luxations.


1.Estimated time of death: Between 9am and 1pm on 7/20/2019 2.Estimated time in transport back to shelter: 4 hours 3.Estimated time in freezer: 29 hours 4.Estimated time in fridge: 66 total hours Heart, liver, kidneys, and lungs were wrapped in saline-soaked gauze, double bagged, and placed into coolers with ice packs.


Biopsy Source: OTHER Biopsy Type: NECROPSY Clinical History: Heart, 2 kidneys, liver, and lung Pathologist's Report MICROSCOPIC DESCRIPTION: A microscopic evaluation was performed; if you would like to add a written microscopic description (US code 655, Canada code MDA/MDA5), please contact Customer Support. MICROSCOPIC INTERPRETATION: 1. Heart: No significant lesion 2. Large vessels: No significant lesion 3. Lungs: Severe autolysis present 4. Kidney: Moderate autolysis present 5. Liver: Severe autolysis present COMMENTS: Unfortunately, majority of the submitted organs have severe autolysis, precluding accurate interpretation. No significant lesion was noted in the heart and large vessels.


UNABLE TO DISPENSE MEDS. No medications administered to this animal. 1523


[Pre Medication] Dexdomitor: 0.51 cc IM Ketamine: 0.51 cc IM Butorphanol: 0.51 cc IM [Local Anesthetic Blocks] Lidocaine: 1.3 cc [Gas Maintenance] Isoflorane%: 2% [NSAID] Carprofen: 2.2 cc SQ [Reversal Agent] Antisedan: 0.5 cc IM [Fluids] Rate: 260ml/hr Total: 102 mls Surgeon: 1658

Details on my behavior are...

Behavior Condition: 1. Green

Behavior during intake: Don had a soft and wiggly body and approached counselor right away. Counselor was able to scan for a microchip, collar and take a picture without any issues.

Date of Intake: 7/5/2019

Basic Information:: Don is a 2 year old unaltered male that has no known previous or current medical concerns that the owner is aware of. Owner had Don since he was 6 weeks old but had to surrender due to behavior concerns

Previously lived with:: 4 Adults

How is this dog around strangers?: When a stranger approaches the home, Don will hard bark, growl and lunge at first. It takes him a few minutes to become comfortable and once he is, Don is friendly and plaful

How is this dog around children?: Don has not been around any small children so behavior is unknown

How is this dog around other dogs?: Owner had a medium mixed breed unaltered female in the home and stated that Don was relaxed and respectful around her. When Don sees small dogs outside, he will hard bark and lunge towards them but is respectful around dogs of his size.

How is this dog around cats?: Owner had a female cat in the home and stated that both animals were kept separate as Don has previously bit the animal leaving 2 puncture wounds

Resource guarding:: Don is not bothered when the owner would approach his food, treats or toys but will growl when the other resident dog would approach his basketball

Bite history:: Don has bit 2 people and 1 cat. His more recent bite was 3 weeks ago.

Housetrained:: Yes

Energy level/descriptors:: High

Other Notes:: Don is not bothered when the owner would hold him/restrain him, being pushed off furniture, being disturbed while sleeping, being given a bath or having his coat brushed. When an unfamiliar person would approach the home, Don will hard bark.

Has this dog ever had any medical issues?: No

Medical Notes: Don does not have any known medical concerns

For a New Family to Know: Don is described as friendly, affectionate, playful and excitable. He has a high activity and likes to play with ropes, tires and basketballs. In the home, Don liked to follow the owner around from room to room. He was kept mostly indoors and is house trained. When left alone in the home or yard, he was well behaved. Don is crate trained and would spend several hours a day in a crate without any issues. He knows the cues sit, stay and paw. For exercise, he was taken on brisk walks on the leash or be let out in the yard to play. When on leash, he tends to pull hard. Owner has never walked him off leash so behavior is unknown

Date of intake:: 7/5/2019

Spay/Neuter status:: No

Means of surrender (length of time in previous home):: Owner surrender

Previously lived with:: 4 Adults, 1 Dog (Female, Unaltered), 1 Cat

Behavior toward strangers:: Initially hard barks, growl, lunge; Warms up to be friendly and playful

Behavior toward children:: Unknown

Behavior toward dogs:: Relaxed and respectful (w/resident dog and novel medium-large dogs); Barks and lunges (w/small dogs)

Behavior toward cats:: Previous bite (w/resident cat)

Resource guarding:: Previous owner reported Don to growl when resident dog would approach his ball. No resource guarding reported with food, toys or treats toward humans.

Bite history:: June 2019: Previous owner reported Don to have bitten the let ankle of a family member in the home. Don was observed to be tied up at the bottom of the staircase and the owner’s mother attempted to walk past him. Don was then observed to nip the mother’s left ankle, releasing immediately, not breaking skin. January 2019: Previous owner reported Don to have bitten the right leg of a family member in the home. Don was observed to be tied up to the bottom of the staircase when a delivery man approached the side door and owner’s brother attempted to open the door, while pushing Don back with his leg. Don was then observed to turn his head toward the brother and bit him on the calf and immediately releasing, not breaking skin. The result was one scratch and redness. January 2018: Previous owner reported to have heard Don growling and barking in another room where the resident cat was hissing at Don and then yowled. When the owner entered the room, he saw Don had the cat in his mouth and pried open his mouth where Don was then observed to release the cat. The bite was to the neck and chest of the cat, resulting in one puncture to the neck and one to the face, requiring emergency treatment.

Housetrained:: Yes

Energy level/descriptors:: Don is described as friendly, affectionate, playful and excitable with a high level of energy.

Summary:: Leash Walking Strength and pulling: Moderate pulling Reactivity to humans: None Reactivity to dogs: None Leash walking comments: Sociability Loose in room (15-20 seconds): Soft and wiggly, high energy, ears back, tail wagging, jumps up exuberantly soliciting attention, readily accepts treats with soft mouth, some panting, stays near handlers, accepts all contact Call over: Approaches exuberantly Sociability comments: Handling Soft handling: Neutral-tense, leans into handler, panting, jumps up onto handler exuberantly, mouthy, head whips, tail wagging, accepts contact Exuberant handling: Neutral-tense, leans into handler, panting, mouthy, heads whips, tail wagging, accepts contact Handling comments: Arousal Jog: Engages in play with handler, soft and loose Arousal comments: Prior to jog, jumps up onto handler and mouths toward leash; After jog is completed, jumps up and mouths leash; Readily refocused Knock Knock Comments: No response to knock; Approaches assistant readily, jumps up soliciting attention, soft and loose Toy Toy comments: Grips, tenses and moves away

Summary:: According to his previous owner, Don previously lived with a medium-mixed breed, unaltered female dog and was relaxed and respectful around her. When interacting with novel large dogs, Don is also respectful. When encountering novel small dogs, Don is reported to hard bark and lunge toward them. 7/7: When off leash at the Care Centers, Don is introduced to a novel female dog. He is tense at the gate with a forward facing posture. His leash is held due to the female's inexperience and he is sexually motivated as he greets the female. He watches her with hard eyes when he is slowed down by handlers. His posture remains tense for the duration of the session.

Summary (1):: Don understands the cues for “sit,” “stay,” and “paw.”

Date of intake:: 7/5/2019

Summary:: Soft and wiggly, readily approached staff; Allowed all handling

Date of initial:: 7/6/2019

Summary:: Loose, jumped up onto staff, some whale eye; Allowed all handling

ENERGY LEVEL:: Don has been observed to exhibit a high level of energy during his interactions in the care center. We cannot be certain of his behavior in a home environment, but we recommend daily mental and physical stimulation as an outlet for his energy.


Behavior Asilomar: TM - Treatable-Manageable

Recommendations:: No children (under 13),No cats,Place with a New Hope partner

Recommendations comments:: No cats: Because of Don's previous bite to a cat, we advise against placing him into a home with other cats or smaller animals. No children (under 13): Due to Don's previously reported resource guarding, fearful behavior with the potential for defensive aggression and multiple-bite history, we feel he would be best set up to succeed in an adult-only home at this time. Place with a New Hope partner: Although he displays social behavior, previous owner reported Don to exhibit resource guarding, fearful behavior with the potential for defensive aggression and have a recent multi-bite history (SEE BITE HISTORY). As a result, we feel he would be best set up to succeed if placed with an experienced rescue partner to help manage this behavior and decompress in a more stable environment prior to permanent placement in an adult-only home. Force-free, reward based training only is advised when introducing or exposing Don to new and unfamiliar situations, as well as utilizing guidance from a qualified, professional trainer/behaviorist.

Potential challenges: : Resource guarding,Fearful/potential for defensive aggression,Multiple-bite history/risk of future aggression

Potential challenges comments:: Resource guarding: Don is reported to growl when other dogs approach his ball, this behavior was not reported to be directed onto humans, however we recommend exercising caution and appropriate management of Don. Please see handout on Resource guarding. Multiple bite history/risk of future aggression: Don has escalated to biting on multiple occasions (two incidents to humans, one incident to a cat; see "Bite history"), so this may be an established behavior that he offers when he feels threatened. Don needs careful behavior modification and management to prevent future bites. We recommend only force-free, reward-based training methods for Don as more aversive techniques are likely to increase fear and increase the risk of aggression. Fearful/potential for defensive aggression: Don is reported to growl, hard bark and lunge at strangers initially, please see handout on Fearful and Defensive Aggression.