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Hello, my name is Scar. My animal id is #70556. I am a desexed male brown dog at the . The shelter thinks I am about 4 years 1 months 3 weeks old.

I came into the shelter as a owner surrender on 7/27/2019, with the surrender reason stated as person circumstance- landlord won't allow.


Someone has already placed a deposit on me. I'm no longer available.

Scar is at risk for behavioral reasons. Scar has displayed fearful behaviors in the care center and has remained anxious. Scar would be best suited for an experienced adopter that can provide a gradual approach when introducing him to new people and environments. Medically, Scar seems healthy.

You may know me from such films as...

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A volunteer writes: Scar is an affectionate and independent boy who's currently dedicating his considerable energy to some essential jobs here at the Care Center. He's our Chief Park Explorer, Kissing Booth King and an active member of the playgroup rockstars club and if you're looking for a well-rounded pet with a huggable figure to match, you've found him! Scar's very accomplished but his most important role is yet to come and he's eager to prove he'd be a great fit for the prestigious position of your new best friend. An enthusiastic walker who leads the way when investigating the neighborhood, a harness leash and some upper body strength are must-haves on expeditions but once you're home and cuddle o'clock rolls around Scar will happily lean into your side for petting and stretch up to offer sweet thank you kisses in return. Whether you're into active outdoor pursuits or cozying up for couch snuggles, this lovable lug will always be right by your side. People-friendly, dog-friendly and already neutered, Scar can't wait to begin an exciting new chapter in his life, will you help to write his happily ever after?

My medical notes are...

Weight: 73 lbs


HEALTHY DVM Intake Exam Estimated age: 4 History : OS Subjective: QAR, euhydrated, MM pink/moist, CRT Observed Behavior: slightly nervous, tail tucking but easily allowed for full PE Evidence of Cruelty seen -n Evidence of Trauma seen -n Objective T = - P = wnl R = wnl EENT: Anterior chambers clear OU; no corneal defects; no ocular or nasal discharge; no oral masses or ulcerations seen Oral Exam: teeth in good cond – no calculus; no staining; all permanent teeth present PLN: No enlargements noted H/L: No murmurs or arrhythmias; strong, synchronous femoral pulses bilaterally; Eupneic; normal bronchovesicular sounds in all fields; no crackles/wheezes ABD: Non painful, no masses palpated U/G: two descended testicles MSI: BCS 5/9 ; Ambulatory x 4 with no lameness, skin free of parasites, no masses noted, healthy hair coat CNS: Appropriate mentation; no cranial nerve deficits; no proprioceptive deficits; no ataxia Rectal: externally normal Assessment: Healthy SURGERY: Okay for surgery Prognosis: Excellent


SO: on rounds had vomit consisting mainly food and water diarrhea in kennel on rounds and again later in day, more diarrhea with some blood BAR at front of kennel, wagging tail and offering paw A: diarrhea vomiting P: metronidazole 500mg 1 BID x5d cerenis 60mg 1 PO SID x2d repeat full exam if not improving recheck tomorrow


Trazadone Request Trazadone- 100mg SIG: 1 3/4 tab sid po


Not responding to medication, increase dose to trazodone 300mg PO BID indefinitely. 1752


Hx: presents for neutering eent- stage 2 dental issues hl- 120hr reg nm ss fp c and e Dog Neuter Was this dog a cryptorchid? No If so describe - Pre scrotal Incision Spermatic Cord Ligation with: 2-0 millers; double ligatures Sub Q closure:3-0 sc and modif matt Skin closure? no inguinal tattoo


SO Post op recheck. BCS 7/9 skin -- incision site is clean and dry. scrotum is mildly swollen. no discharge A overweight scrotal hematoma P continue to monitor


BAR, wagging his tail at the front of cage, friendly Clear OU, nndc No coughing or sneezing H/L reg, no obvious murmur, ssp, lungs clear/eupenic A: -Healthy for travel P: -Health certificate


Anesthesia Summary – Canine Neuter Hydromorphone 2 mg/ml injectable, 1.6 mL IM Dexmedetomidine 0.5 mg/ml injectable, 0.33 mL IM Induction: Propofol 10 mg/ml injectable, 9 mL IV 20 g IVC placed in right cephalic vessel. Size 11 fr. ET tube placed, maintained general anesthesia throughout procedure on isoflurane and O2. Used rebreathing system with 4 L bag. Intraoperative IV LRS at 330 mL/hr Testicular block: Lidocaine/sterile water- N./A Perioperative pain medication: Rimadyl 50mg/mL injectable, 2.7 mL, SQ, post-operatively. Recovery-Uneventful Reversal Given: Antisedan 5 mg/ml- 0.16 mL, given IM @ 1:51 p,m Post-operative Medications Prescribed: Rimadyl 100 mg Tablets, Give 1.5 tablets orally, once a day for 2 days beginning the day after surgery.--in white box-- Anesthetist: 0811 Surgical Monitor: 1390


As per sx LVT dog was very timid and scared, unable to re-wight.

Details on my behavior are...

Behavior Condition: 2. Blue

During intake Scar was wail eyeing but calm in the lobby. Counselor was unable to scan for a microchip or collar but was able to take a picture.

Date of Intake: 7/27/2019

Spay/Neuter Status: Not Applicable

Basic Information:: Scar is a large mixed unaltered male approximately 4 years old who the owner had since Scar was born but can no longer keep the pet due to unforeseen circumstances.

Previously lived with:: 2 adults, 1 dog

How is this dog around strangers?: Around strangers Scar is described as defensive as he will hard bark whenever someone will come up to him.

How is this dog around children?: Previous home did not have any children so behavior not observed.

How is this dog around other dogs?: Scar has previously lived with a large mixed unaltered female same age who was surrendered with Scar. Owner kept both dogs separated due to behavioral concerns with Honey.

How is this dog around cats?: Previous owner did not have any cats in the home so behavior not observed.

Resource guarding:: Owner has taken Scar's food, toys and treats away while in his possession with no issues but owner stated no one else has tried so behavior not observed.

Bite history:: No known bite history during the time of intake.

Housetrained:: Yes

Energy level/descriptors:: Medium

Other Notes:: Owner has never tried disturbing Scar while he's sleeping so behavior not observed. Scar will pull hard if you try to restrain him. Owner has no problems given Scar a bath, brushing his coat or trimming his nails. When unfamiliar people approach the home or while on a walk he will bark and growl.

Has this dog ever had any medical issues?: No

Medical Notes: No known medical concerns during time of intake.

For a New Family to Know: Owner stated Scar is friendly, affectionate and playful with him but with other's he doesn't know he is described as defensive and will bark and growl. He is described to have a medium activity level. Owner;'s favorite thing about Scar is he is lovable with owner and family members. Scar loves running around the yard for exercise. When home with owner Scar will follow him from room to room and loves to be in the same room. Scar is kept indoors during the night but in the yard during the day. Scar loves squeaky toys, balls and stuffed animals. He was fed both wet and dry food, Purina One twice a day. One cup during the day and one cup during the night with wet food. Scar is house trained and will never have any accidents in the home. Scar is never left alone in the home. He has been crate trained. For exercise he loves to run and jog in the yard. When on leash he tends to pull really hard. Owner has never had him off leash so behavior not observed

Date of intake:: 7/27/2019

Spay/Neuter status:: No

Means of surrender (length of time in previous home):: Owner Surrender (in home for 4 years)

Previously lived with:: Adults and a dog

Behavior toward strangers:: Hard barks when approached

Behavior toward dogs:: Kept separated from the other dog in the home

Resource guarding:: None reported

Bite history:: None reported

Housetrained:: Yes

Energy level/descriptors:: Scar is described as friendly, affectionate, and playful with the owner but defensive with unfamiliar people with a medium level of activity.

Date of assessment:: 7/29/2019

Summary:: Leash Walking Strength and pulling: Hard Reactivity to humans: None Reactivity to dogs: None Leash walking comments: pulls hard when spooked by things outside Sociability Loose in room (15-20 seconds): Moderately social Call over: Approaches with coaxing Sociability comments: Body a bit tense Handling Soft handling: Fearful Exuberant handling: Fearful Handling comments: Body tense, trembling Arousal Jog: Follows (body low, fearful) Arousal comments: None Knock: No response Knock Comments: None Toy: No response Toy comments: None

Summary:: Scar has demonstrated most compatibility with other dogs that match his exuberant play style. 7/28: When introduced off leash to the female greeter dog, Scar engages in some running play. 7/29-8/27: Scar plays exuberantly.

Date of intake:: 7/27/2019

Summary:: Tense, whale eyed

Date of initial:: 7/28/2019

Summary:: Tense, tail tucked, allowed handling

ENERGY LEVEL:: Scar is described as having a medium level of energy in the home.

IN SHELTER OBSERVATIONS:: Scar has been social with handlers while at the Care Center. Though he does not often solicit affection, he allows touch and remains soft and neutral when interacting with handlers. More recently, however, he has become highly anxious when removed from his kennel, pulling frantically to return and can not be redirected.


Behavior Asilomar: TM - Treatable-Manageable

Recommendations:: No children (under 13)

Recommendations comments:: No children: Scar is reported to be defensive around strangers and hard bark at them. For this reason, we recommend an adult only home.

Potential challenges: : Fearful/potential for defensive aggression,Anxiety

Potential challenges comments:: Fearful/potential for defensive aggression: Scar is reported to be defensive around strangers and hard bark at them. At the care center, he has been fearful. Please see handout on Fearful/potential for defensive aggression. Anxiety: At the care center, Scar had an episode where he panicked while on a walk, pulling hard to get back inside while panting and tucking his tail to the point where he cut his nails scraping them against the concrete. He remained anxious once back in the care center and took awhile to calm down. As this behavior was no reported in his previous home and we do not know what set it off here, we do not know if it will occur in a future home. If it does, please see handout on Anxiety.