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Jose Maria

Hello, my name is Jose Maria. My animal id is #61937. I am a desexed male gray cat at the . The shelter thinks I am about 5 months 4 weeks old.

I came into the shelter as a owner surrender on 5/5/2019, with the surrender reason stated as person circumstance- cannot afford to care for.


Someone has already placed a deposit on me. I'm no longer available.

Jose Maria is at risk for medical reasons. Jose Maria was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection which is contagious to other animals and will require in home care. Behaviorally, Jose Maria would be best suited for an experienced cat owner as she can take a bit of time to warm up.

Let's get to know each other a bit more...

A staff member writes: Hi humans, my name is Jose Maria and I came into MACC what feels like forever ago. I'm a 5 month old kitten with a heart full of love, but I'm just a little scared to show it right now. I was surrendered by my humans due to my medical bills. I was born with a really bad eye. I didn't notice it at first but as I got older, it got worse and A LOT more painful. The amazing staff here at MACC were able to remove my bad eye and believe it or not, I feel even better now that it's gone! In the shelter I'm really scared. I allow for petting and some handling, and show no signs of aggression, but I just need a home all to myself. I like other cats and at my last home I lived with 9 of them! I promise, if you give me a chance I'll be the sweetest cat you've ever had! EYE promise you!

My medical notes are...

Weight: 5.3 lbs


DVM Intake Exam Estimated age: 5 months based on dentition Microchip noted on Intake? no Microchip Number (If Applicable): History : Owner surrender Subjective: QAR Observed Behavior - quiet; allows for PE but tail tucked under and stressed Evidence of Cruelty seen - no Evidence of Trauma seen - no Objective P = 200hr R = 40rr BCS 7/9 EENT: od- marked corneal edema and buphthal. (r/o glaucoma); od central ulceration; OS- nsf; ears clean, no nasal or ocular discharge noted Oral Exam: nsf PLN: No enlargements noted H/L: NSR, NMA, CRT < 2, Lungs clear, eupnic ABD: Non painful, no masses palpated U/G: Mi w/ 2 down MSI: Ambulatory x 4, skin free of parasites, no masses noted, healthy hair coat CNS: Mentation appropriate - no signs of neurologic abnormalities Assessment od corneal edema and enlarged globe r/o glaucoma secondary to +/- h/o uveitis Prognosis: good Plan: intake procedures neuter od enucleation SURGERY: Okay for surgery


Extend Gabapentin Gabapentin- 100mg/ml sig: 0.48ml po q 12 hrs


Cat Neuter Was this cat a Cryptorchid?no If so, describe surgical process: Routine Feline Neuter Self tie of spermatic cord tattoo placed inguinally Right eye enucleation: closed technique; eye was enucleated to allow for as much retained soft tissue as possible to aid in closure; gel foam used to control hemorrhaging closed w/ 3-0 pds in 3 layers- soft tissue around the orbit, sq and skin post op sr in 10-14 d's e collar Surgeon: 1657 Additional Note:


SO Post op recheck. BAR in kennel. P is crouched at back of kennel. skin -- incision site is clean and dry. sutures are in place A healing enucleation site P ok to move to adoptions


SO: volunteer noted vomiting and diarrhea BAR in cage solid stool in litter box wet food tray empty sx site CDI A: vomiting diarrhea P: observe for progression of symptoms


S/O: pt QAR. Food bowls full - lethargy EENT: bloody mucoid nasal dis-charge. Moderate nasal congestion/ Resp: WNL and Eupnic A: URI (Moderate) P + Move to Isolation + Doxycycline 10mg/kg PO suspension SID for 14 days + Cerenia 1mg/kg SID SQ for 3 days + Nebulize SID for 3 days + SQ fluids 100 ml SID for 2 days + Re-check in 7 days for resolvement


Anesthesia Summary: Feline Neuter and Eye Enucleation Pre Medication/Induction: Ketamine 100mg/mL injectable, 0.12 mL IM Dexdomitor 0.5mg/mL injectable, 0.05 mL IM Butorphanol 10mg/mL injectable, 0.05 mL IM Propofol 10 mg/mL injectable, 0.4 mL IV Anesthesia Notes: Size 4.0 fr. ET tube placed, maintained general anesthesia throughout procedure on isoflurane and O2. Used non-rebreathing system with 0.5 L bag. 22 g IVC placed in L cephalic vessel. Intraoperative IV LRS at 5-10mL/kg/hr: 12 mL/hr Peri-Operative NSAID/ Pain Med: Robenacoxib (Onsior) 20mg/mL injectable, 0.24 mL, SQ, once, for post-operative pain relief. Given pre/post operatively. Simbadol 1.8mg/mL injectable, 0.32 mL SQ, once, for pain relief, given post-operatively. Other: (State all additional medications during the pet’s peri-operative period) Recovery Status (Note “Uneventful” or “Other” and describe): Uneventful Post-operative Medications Prescribed: Cat Spays (Greater than 3 months old): Onsior 20mg/mL injectable, 0.24 mL, SQ, once a day for 3 days beginning the day after surgery. Simbadol 1.8mg/mL injectable, 0.32 mL, SQ, once a day for 4 days beginning the day after surgery. Onsior Dose: 2mg/kg Simbadol Dose: 0.24mg/kg Anesthetist/Surgical Monitor (P#’s): 1461/1608


Unable to complete boosters - not in building

Details on my behavior are...

Behavior Condition: 2. Blue

Behavior upon intake: Maria Jose was very friendly, allowed counselor to scan for a microchip, pet, collar and take a picture.

Basic Information:: Maria Jose is a domestic short hair unaltered female who was surrendered due to unforeseen circumstances. Owner had Maria Jose since she was a kitten. She was last seen by a vet on 3/30/19.

Previously lived with:: 1 adult, 9 cats

How is this cat around strangers?: Maria Jose is energetic but doesn't really acknowledge strangers. When strangers are in the home she will walk by them without any issue.

How is this cat around children?: Owner did not have any children in the home so behavior is unknown.

How is this cat around other cats?: Maria Jose has previously lived with 8 cats in the owner's home all ages and genders who is described as fun loving, relaxing and plays with other cats in the home. She was surrendered with her Aunt Kallie.

How is this cat around dogs?: Owner did not have any dogs in the home so behavior is unknown.

Behavior Notes: Maria Jose would cry for a few minutes in a car ride but after awhile she would calm down and relax. Owner has never given her a bath, brushed her coat or trimmed her nails so behavior is unknown. Maria Jose isn't bothered when being held or disturbed while sleeping.

Bite history:: No known bite history

Energy level/descriptors:: High

Has this cat ever had any medical issues?: No

Medical Notes: No known medical history.

For a New Family to Know: Maria Jose is friendly, affectionate, playful and adventurous. Owner's favorite thing about Maria Jose is youthful, very playful, she can be molded because she is young and very loving. When your'e home Maria Jose loves to follow owner from room to room, be in the same room as owner and loves hanging with the other resident cats. Maria Jose will find household items such as Q-tips, hair scrunchies and caps from water bottles. She is kept indoors only and will sleep anywhere she is comfortable. Maria Jose was fed both wet and dry food, complete 9, wet nine lives and dry food would be left out for her to eat during the day. She is litter-box trained and uses an uncovered box with tidy cats or fresh step litter. She will use any type of scratching posts.

KNOWN HISTORY:: Jose Maria Lived Indoors Previously lived with: 1 adult, 9 cats Behavior toward strangers: Jose Maria is energetic but doesn't really acknowledge strangers. When strangers are in the home she will walk by them without any issue.

MEDICAL BEHAVIOR:: 5/5/19 Observed Behavior - quiet; allows for PE but tail tucked under and stressed

ENRICHMENT NOTES:: 5/05/19 Curled up in the litter box, by the back of the cubby. Blinks and lip licks when coaxed. Lowers head when hand extends and ears bend flat against head, but accepts petting all over and starts to lean in for cheek rubs. Seems to appreciate attention, but may be unsure of environment. Has potential to warm up more, needs time to adjust. 5/7/19 Sitting upright at the back of cubby. Alert. Anxiously looking around. Accepts pets. Ate treats when left alone. 5/9/19 Crouched down at the back of the kennel with dilated pupil. Stays on the same spot when approached. Sniffs hand when extended and allows petting on head and body but doesn’t respond to it. Offered treats and ate them when left alone. 5/12/19 Back of kennel, dilated pupils, tense. With door opening lip licks a little and then postures as if to climb the kennel wall or get away. Offered treats, no interest. Allows a little petting but does not respond. When shown laser began more lip licking. 5/13/19 Hunched sitting up back of kennel, tense. No interest in treats. Try Squeeze Ups. Did not force petting. 5/14/19 Sitting upright at the back of the kennel facing sideways. Seemed tense upon approach and hissed at the scratcher tool when extended but allowed gentle petting on head and body. His body started to soften, he started to close his eyes and was leaning for cheek rubs.

Cage Condition:: Cage is neat

Reaction to assessor:: Jose seems tense, crouched position in the cage cubby during the approach.

Reaction when softly spoken to:: Jose remains stiff in place, eyes wide, looking around.

Reaction to cage door opening:: Jose remains immobile in place, ears erect and forward.

Reaction to touch:: Jose flinches when touched, accepts the pets but remains unresponsive throughout the interaction.


VOCAL:: Quiet

CHARACTER TYPE: : Sweet,Curious,Timid


Behavior Asilomar: TM - Treatable-Manageable

BEHAVIOR SUMMARY:: Jose tolerates attention and petting but may be fearful or stressed in the shelter. We recommend that this cat go to a home with experienced cat parents.