Animal Profile


Hello, my name is Pegasus. My animal id is #41242. I am a male white cat at the . The shelter thinks I am about 9 months 1 weeks old.

I came into the shelter as a stray on 11-Sep-2018.


Someone has already placed a deposit on me. I'm no longer available.

Pegasus is at risk due to being and underage kitten. Pegasus also has ringworm and and upper respiratory infection which are contagious to other animals. Pegasus should go to a New Hope partner prepared to manage his health conditions.

My medical notes are...

Weight: 1.1 lbs


[DVM Intake] DVM Intake Exam Estimated age: 5 weeks Microchip noted on Intake? No Microchip Number (If Applicable): Subjective: BAR Observed Behavior -Friendly, easy to handle, eating well Evidence of Cruelty seen -No Evidence of Trauma seen -No Objective T = P =200 bpm R =eup BCS 5/9 EENT: Eyes clear, mild wax AU, no nasal or ocular discharge noted Oral Exam: Clean deciduous dentition PLN: No enlargements noted H/L: NSR, NMA, CRT < 2, Lungs clear, eupnic ABD: Non painful, no masses palpated, pot belly U/G: M/I MSI: Ambulatory x 4, live fleas and flea dirt, severe crusting, scabbing and hair loss generalized (all over body, ears, nose and limbs) CNS: Mentation appropriate - no signs of neurologic abnormalities Rectal: Clean externally Assessment: High suspicion for ringworm (lesions all fluoresce with Woods lamp) Fleas Secondary pyoderma Prognosis: Good Plan: Pulled ringworm PCR to send to lab Pull DTM culture Start lyme dips bi-weekly Start itraconazole PO x 30 days to start Start Clavamox BID x 14 days Applied Frontline spray SURGERY: Temporary waiver due to medical condition


S/O – pt QAR. EENT - Mild blepharospasm. Mild serous/mucoid ocular dis-charge. Resp – WNL and Eupnic A – URI (Moderate) P + Move to Isolation + Doxycycline 10mg/kg PO suspension SID for 14 days + Cerenia 1mg/kg SID SQ for 2 days + Gentamycin Oph Drops OU BID for 7 days + Re-check in 5 days for resolvement


Ringworm PCR: POSITIVE for microsporum canis NEGATIVE for trichophyton A:Ringworm confirmed on PCR DTM culture pending P:Continue with current tx plan


Ringworm PCR: Microsporum spp. POSITIVE Microsporum canis POSITIVE Trichophyton spp. NEGATIVE


9th day of the culture Done: 9/11/18 White fuzzy growth with change of color on both sides. Microscopic slide at day 9th revealed hyphaes and ringworm spores on both sides. Plate will be discarded.

Details on my behavior are...

Behavior Condition: 1. Green